The Integration of Voice and AI

About Us

Our team is comprised of accomplished professionals with expertise in voice enablement, machine learning, and development. Among us are a globally recognized Alexa Champion and an Emerging Technologies Disruptor, along with specialized voice developers and UX architects who possess the skills to craft natural voice experiences. Drawing upon our in-depth understanding of voice technology design and interaction, as well as our proficiency in leveraging AI and machine learning, we have the ability to revolutionize your organization. We take a customer-centric approach to voice technology and AI enablement as AI experts, examining your brand and product from the perspective of your customers. This enables us to deliver the finest voice-enabled experience by understanding how your target audience interacts with your brand and product hands-free. Furthermore, we acknowledge the significance of providing a voice-enabled experience that can learn from engaging interactions.

"With Integaro's help, we could design and build a system that naturally fits into our technicians' workflow, rather than asking our technicians to adapt to fit the system."

- Zippity

Our Services


Integaro will work with your company to create a comprehensive strategy for integrating voice and artificial intelligence into your products and/or operations. Through a consultative meeting, we will customize a plan that defines precise actions for seamless integration. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a roadmap that ensures the integration of voice and artificial intelligence as a vital component of your upcoming products and services.

Design and Development

The Integaro team will leverage its unique, time-tested approach to understand and define your goals and design a Voice-First and AI-enabled experience that aligns with your needs. Our initial step is to collaborate with your team and build a Proof-of-Concept that we can socialize with your stakeholders and target market. From there we refine, test, and then go live with your custom-designed immersive experience.

Recent Engagements


Our company partnered with a health and wellness company to introduce a voice-activated daily check-in feature. With this feature, users can use voice commands to check in across different categories and receive customized encouragement to support them in achieving their goals.


We worked with our client to bring their library of more than 500 medical-grade meditations to Alexa. Our team of designers came up with concepts and approaches that would differentiate them in the meditation market. Using the Medi Mind skill that we designed and developed, users can access meditations that will improve their mood, relax their body, and sleep soundly, all in less than 5 minutes. Based on answering questions, the experience learns about the user and offers customized meditation to fit their mood.


Our team used the Amazon Echo Show to develop a highly engaging and interactive experience for a high-end luxury magazine client. Users are able to interact with a variety of multimedia content, including images and videos, as well as listen to highlights from the current issue of the magazine. This allows for an immersive and interactive experience that truly sets it apart from traditional print magazines.

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